Test Driven Development Course for .NET Project Teams

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Your team uses .NET day to day and you want to build better software, faster.

Software projects your team works on seem to crop up with problems. 11th hour bugs, unforseen requirements requiring drastic changes in your project plan, and hearing, If we want to implement <feature>, we'll have to rewrite X". At this point, it seems inevitable that will happen with your next project as well. It just happens. If you feel this pain, and you're thinking there must be a better way, there is. This course will help your team learn and use TDD to deliver software projects on time and demonstrate functionality to your stakeholders as early as possible. No more "Sprint 0" where nothing of value is delivered to Stakeholders, no more "we got painted into a corner" situations where the technology doesn't meet the business problem, no more worrying about code freezes and late-developed features. If you're a manager of a .NET software project team, you'll want your team members to have this course.

This course contains practical real-world lessons on learning Test Driven Development (TDD), and how to apply its practices to .NET Software projects. It tackles head-on the problems software teams face when developing software projects: showing progress to stakeholders quickly, technology choices, writing code that interacts with opinionated frameworks, dealing with change, and ensuring the software is delivered on time. You'll want to have this course before you start your next Software project.

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    TDD for .NET Software projects is an online-course aimed at professional .NET developers who work on project teams. It works by demonstrating TDD in delivering a real-world application from conception to delivery. It shows the rough spots that TDD can help with, and how to architect software in such a way as to ensure it's testable and replacable when requirements change -- and they do change.

    TDD for .NET Software Projects is brought to you by George Stocker, who runs Double your Productivity, a software consultancy aimed at helping .NET Software project teams deliver better software, faster.